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About us:

Flyboard Dreams Showteam

[Founder of Xtreme Marine Sports]


"Passion and perseverance can make dreams come true"


Welcome to our website Flyboard Dreams Showteam,​


My name is Alex and I have been working under the name "Flyboard Dreams" since 2020. From 2012 to 2020, I was the founder and owner of the company Xtreme Marine Sports, with which I organized flyboard clinics and shows. In January 2020, after 14 years as a self-employed entrepreneur, I returned to permanent employment for an employer. Therefore, I handed over my "baby" Xtreme Marine Sports to a good friend and colleague. However, I could not completely distance myself from flyboarding and the amazement I see on people's faces every time I fly. That's why I decided to only do shows under the name "Flyboard Dreams" in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.


Meanwhile, my network in the flyboard show world has grown so large that I can also use other great artists during my shows, both on and off the water. Think of freestyle jet skiing, water skiing, themed artists, and dance acts.


Therefore, I will continue below with "we" because I don't always do it alone.


What can we do for you?


We offer spectacular shows for your event, opening, or other occasion.


We offer our shows both during the day and in the evening, and worldwide.


The evening shows are usually done in LED suits combined with torches and/or fireworks. This creates the real "wow" effect for most people because it looks amazing on the water.


The price of a show depends on your wishes, the number of artists, the distance, the number of shows, and the duration of the shows.


Multiple shows in a day or multiple days in a row are of course possible, as well as multiple flyboarders, jet skiers, or other entertainers for your show. These prices are negotiable, and if desired, we will gladly provide a suitable quote.


It is important for our water spectacle that the water is at least 2.5 meters deep for a safe show, that we can enter the water with our jet ski trailer and/or be lowered into the water by means of hoisting equipment. The latter we can also arrange ourselves if necessary.


Anyone can stand on a flyboard and wave a bit, but giving a real show with acrobatic stunts and playing with the audience at the same time is a skill of its own.


We have been experienced with flyboard shows since 2014 and therefore only work with professional flyboarders who are at the top of the world.


I have already done shows in Dubai, Russia, Turkey, France, Monaco, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia, and Mauritius, together with the best flyboarders in the world. I have also worked for the official Zapata Showteam; Franky Zapata is the inventor of the Flyboard, FlyboardAir, and now also the Jet Racer.


Spectacle and show are therefore guaranteed 100%!


If you have any questions or are curious about what we can do for you, please feel free to call or email us for more information.

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